AP Life (Web Series)

 Aubrey, Ellie, Piper, and Ocean are four very nerdy girls at the fictional Central High School in Massachusetts. Together with their friends Grayson and Cam, they square off against the queen bees, discuss physics and science fiction, and try to stay afloat in the rough waters of high school. Witty, sophisticated, and charmingly uncool, AP Life is sure to be the funniest new TV show you see this year.





 "Aubrey Hassel" - Taylor Kudalis

The new girl in school, she's just moved from a small town in Ohio to a suburb in New England. She's a fish out of water who's a little overwhelmed by New England attitudes. She's consistently upbeat and a good friend. Very "book" smart but a little clueless about social interactions and dating. Her favorite classes are Earth Science and Physics. She plays the piano and enjoys music in general. She loves french fries, pizza day, Mumford and Sons, cross country/track, and the color green. She dislikes rap music, mushrooms, history class, football, and chauvinists. Aubrey quickly develops a crush on Cooper Davidson, who has no idea she exists.



"Piper Vinton" - Kallie Tabor

Piper is an amazing athlete and gifted lacrosse player. She could easily move among the popular kids but she's too shy, and so she's best friends with Ellie and Ocean instead. She's a decent student but her passions are for ballet, lacrosse, and basketball. She's a sports buff - she loves the Patriots, women's Huskies team, and the Red Sox. Indeed, the only time she becomes very animated or loud is during a game - when she'll sometimes even scream or throw things if her team is losing. She aspires to become a professional WNBA player some day, or failing that, a ballet dancer in New York. Her likes - "Carmen," "La Boheme," Broadway musicals, the color pink, Univision soap operas (though her Spanish is mediocre). Her dislikes - business classes, country music, autumn (it depresses her), dogs, and Justin Bieber.

"Cameron Wizniak" - Jaybee Tiratira

Cameron is Grayson's best friend, and his personality is closest to that of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. His general scholastic aptitude is average, but he's practically a genius in quantum physics. He's always a pessimist and critic. No matter what's going on, he finds a way to see the negative in it. His likes - quantum physics, depressing music, rain. Dislikes - everything else. The other kids have nicknamed him "The Wiz."

 "Reagan DesJournais" - Katie Sour

Queen of the bees, Reagan is an accomplished equestrian, a professional model, and the only child of a cardiologist and a copyright attorney. She's extremely proud of herself and has no problem showing it. She's not a bully but has trouble understanding people who aren't like her, so she often seems dismissive or cruel to her peers. She's unclear about how she feels about Aubrey until they're assigned to work on a science project together, which brings out her strong competitiveness. From that point on they're rivals. She likes Justin Bieber, Kate Moss, "Gossip Girl," "American Idol," True Religion jeans, modeling, and salads. She dislikes "touchy feely" people, most guys, brown, and the winter.

 "Ocean Fine" - Ava Serene Portman

Ocean is the first child of two ex-hippies, and in many ways like them. She's a painter, a sculptor, and a musician. She loves folk rock and jam bands, talking about spirituality and animal rights, and dreaming of the places she wants to visit in the world. She's worldly and wise for her young age. She's not very good at math or science, but knows art and literature extremely well. She's an out-of-the closet lesbian who has a tragic thing for popular cheerleader types, so her love is almost always unrequited. She likes vegan food, chinchillas, cats, oil painting, The Decemberists, social justice and political activism, and Virginia Woolf. She dislikes upper middle class kids, math class, "lip glossies" (her name for girls who are constantly touching up their makeup), and tofu.

"Grayson Carmichael" - Chris DuBrow 

Grayson is an unapologetic nerd who immediately takes to Aubrey. He's slightly less awkward than his best friend Cameron, but his attempts to woo Aubrey are typically comical and lame. Aubrey likes Grayson's honesty and appreciation of Joss Whedon's "Firefly" series, so the two become good friends. Grayson still hopes for something more, however. He's very smart
but very dorky, and he likes biology (specifically brain science), gaming, Renaissance fairs, Magic cards, and editing Wikipedia. He dislikes cats, sports or physical activity, Apple products, Windows, and non-open source software. 

"Cooper Davidson" -Tyler Layne

Cooper's the school's most sought-after guy, a top athlete with chiseled good looks and sweet personality. He's not arrogant, but is so popular and busy he takes very little notice of Aubrey or her friends. Sadly, Aubrey misunderstands his attitude and thinks he's obsessed with being a popular guy, but that only makes her more determined to get his attention. Cooper is an average-intelligence guy but charitable and endearing.

 "Sadie Champagne" - Alex Pollera

Savannah is also part of Reagan's entourage, but quite the opposite of Mila. She's an ambitious opportunist who won't let anything or anyone stand in her way. Only an average student, she aims to make it as a glamor model or celebrity sex symbol, like Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian (she loves both). She's known for her hugely popular parties at her parent's house, and her bad girl image appeals to many of the boys in the school - something she has no problem exploiting to her advantage. She stays close to Reagan for the benefits it provides her, but ultimately wants to be the Queen bee herself, and so she's almost always secretly working to undermine Reagan behind her back. Ocean has an enormous - and guilty - crush on Sadie. 

"Mila Kline" - Chelsea Armstrong

Mila is Reagan's second in command, always by her side and basking in the limelight with her. Mila is less of a pragmatist that Reagan and sympathizes with Aubrey and the less popular kids. She's a singer and hopes one day to become a star. Generally speaking, she supports Reagan but as time goes on she develops a more independent streak and forces Reagan to confront her flaws and demons. Mila has a thing for Cameron Wizniak. At the eight grade dance 3 years ago, she was caught kissing him in the teacher's bathroom; she's been teased for it since. She pretends not to like him.


And featuring Elizabeth Percy as "Ellie O'Grady."


Produced by 

LeeAnn Giordano-Silletti
Chris Giordano

Written and Directed by 
Jace Paul

Production Manager
Nathan Adams

Production Assistant
 Lillian Andrews

Director of Photography
Ben Heald

Camera Operators
Jill Poisson
Sean Martin

Location Sound Recording
Jeremy Bachand

Boom Operators
Chris Giordano
Wesley Andrews

Art Director
Richelle Chamberlain 

Assistant Editor
Jeff Buchbinder

Second Unit Director 
Richelle Chamberland

Colette Palmerio/
CP Talent Management

Extras Casting
Melissa Aubin

Makeup Artist/Styling
Kelly Raby Lyerly

Post Production Sound Mix
Jeremy Bachand

 Special Thanks:
Palmieri's Pizza
Bella's Bistro Market


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    I cannot wait to see this short web series! These girls look absolutely gorgeous and talented! I am certainly going to watch this new web series!

  2. Thank you for the introduction to this amazing cast....I am already trying to figure out what is going to happen with these characters! Bring it!

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  4. Katie Sour is amazing.